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issues issues

Posted on 2007.02.05 at 11:57
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
It could even be funny in itself if it wasn't so damn depressing........I went to my bank last week to see if my ex company charged my account with the money I am awaiting from them. Didn't found it.

In their place there was a charged sum of thousand something euros which I couldn't understand what was for. So I then went to my ex place of work and spoke with the secretary who managed the thing. I told them there must have been an error or something as the money wasn't what I expected.

SURPRISE!!! She then explained that my resignation letter never made it to the company headquarter and therefore I was still officially employed!!!!!

I then ask how it was possible that they didn't noticed my absence from work during all december, and how could they pay me if there is no evidence of any working hours during that time. But she couldn't explain it better.

That's just annoying, boring an childish. I suspect that my ex director simply trash my letter, because he doesn't want to let the company know that I quit because of him.

What's left to do now?? I went to the workers union I used to belong to and they wrote a letter to the company asking to place everything back in order, but now I'm afraid that I won't get any money now until they will decide to move their lazy cow's asses........

Soooo frustrating really.


Posted on 2007.01.14 at 17:13
It's been a nice new year's start indeed.

I got a wonderful party, expecially the "surprise" part which really blown me away! I received many beautiful gifts, including a new printer, some drawing accessoirs, acrilyc colors , books and other stuffs.

I got moved but the heart-touching behaviour of all the people there, they've been so kind and lovely with me. We drank champagne and had a delicious cake (st.honorè cake if you know it), laughed and chatted for hours.

In these last days I'm also working on some translations. I'm trying to turn articles form the flower essence society I belong to into italian, both for my use and for the italian readership of the site as well.

They said my work will be posted on the site and I'll be credited as translator! that's not bad eh?

I'll put a link to the page once it's updated, in the meanwhile, Ciao to everyone!

Hello hello

Posted on 2007.01.05 at 12:47
Current Location: Italy
Current Mood: happyhappy
So, the new year is just at the beginning and I'm ready to start another journal!!
I've been a busy bee ever since I've quit my job back in early december, I've had great days, enjoying my time, buying stuff, spending money and going around my city relaxing like I probably have never did in 10 years....

I've also had a wonderful birthday party this year! My lovely family has made all in secrecy, gathering people and gifts so to make me a BIG surprise, and in fact it's what has been....a HUGE surprise! I honestly didn't expect anything, and it's been so pleasant to see many friendly faces around the table. We had fun, laughing, eating, shooting pics( which eventually will post here) and chatted for hours.

I have to admit, it's a great way to start a new year. And now I'm looking forward to see what life has in store for me next.